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21 June 1964
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I'm 45 years old and I live in Surrey, though I'm an Essex Girl at heart. I write gritty modern novels and poetry. In my other life, I work in Student Care Services at the local university. I play really bad golf and I'm also a closet birdwatcher

My novels include:

The Bones of Summer (Dreamspinner Press 2009): GLBT romantic thriller available from Amazon: http://www.annebrooke.com/Bones.html
Maloney's Law (PD Publishing 2008): GLBT thriller available from Amazon: http://www.annebrooke.com/Maloney.html
Thorn in the Flesh eBook (Bristlecone Pine Press 2008). Psychologial thriller available from US Amazon: http://www.annebrooke.com/Thorn.html
A Dangerous Man (Flame Books, 2007): GLBT thriller available from http://www.flamebooks.com and http://www.annebrooke.com/ADangerousMan.html
Pink Champagne and Apple Juice (Bristlecone Pine Press 2009. Lulu Books, 2009). Romantic comedy available from Amazon: http://www.annebrooke.com/Pink.html

My short stories include:

Two Christmases (Dreamspinner Press, 2009): A GLBT romance available via http://www.annebrooke.com/TwoChristmases.html
Painting from Life (Eternal Press, 2008): A GLBT mystery romance available via http://www.annebrooke.com/PaintingfromLife.html

My poetry collections include:

Tidal (2004): Available from http://www.annebrooke.com
A Stranger's Table (Lulu, 2008): Available from Amazon UK: http://www.annebrooke.com/AStrangersTable.html
Salt and Gold (Lulu, 2009): Available from Amazon US: http://www.annebrooke.com/SaltandGold.html